Jason Aldean Resumes Tour With a Powerful Message

Jason Aldean Resumes Tour With a Powerful Message

Anyone who bashed Jason Aldean for running to safety or for cancelling his shows last week should watch the video below where he addresses the Vegas shooting. 

Almost immediately after the shooting, Jason Aldean began getting criticized about how he should've told the audience what was going on. The fact that people thought this was realistic alarms me. We have no idea what was going on in his head when the gunfire began or if someone told him what was going on and if so, what exactly they said. People seem to forget that celebrities are people too. He's someone's child, a husband, a father, etc. and just like thousands of other people, he ran to safety.

He continued to get heat when he announced the cancellation of his San Diego and Orange County shows that were scheduled just a few days later after the horrific tragedy. I believe he made the right decision not only allow time for himself to heal, but as a sign of respect for those who lost their lives just days prior. Like most things in life, you can't please everyone but it's sad to see the lack of empathy and compassion in people.

I know what my friends who were at the festival are going through emotionally and it is heartbreaking to see. In the video, as expected, he seems uneasy and I imagine he's in the exact same boat emotionally as my friends. Performing is this mans job and I can't imagine what must go through his head now when he walks out on stage or sings "When She Says Baby". His speech is powerful because he really drives home the fact that we can't/won't let terror win and this is what it means to be country strong. 



Video Source: YouTube 

Photo Source: Sue Ogrocki / AP


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