Cole Swindell | #ManCrushEveryday

Cole Swindell | #ManCrushEveryday

I know Wednesdays are for #WCW BUT I have been listening to Cole’s new album, All of It on repeat since it debuted last Friday. Therefore, it’s only fitting that this Wednesday’s post is going to be dedicated to the hardworking, amazingly talented singer and songwriter, my #ManCrushEveryday, Cole Swindell. After all, he’ll always be the only ten I see. 😍🔥❤️

If you haven’t listened to the new album, you can stream it online for free here!
Make sure to check out my favorite song “I’ll Be Your Small Town” because those lyrics, with that voice, melts my heart. ❤️ 
“Ain’t nothing fancy ’bout how I talk
It’s little bit slow, full of ain’t and yaws
Somewhere between some old school Strait and McGraw
I know you ain’t ever been south of heaven
But if you give me a red dirt chance I’m betting
This one red light, two lane guy will grow on you
I can’t be California
But I can be your pine tree shade in the middle of summer
Your tin roof, rain cover from the thunder
Your back view hallelujah Sunday morning prayer
Yeah, I’ll be where
You can go when you know that it’s all spinning too fast
Slow kinda road, thirty-five on the dash
That dot on the map for your heart when you need to slow down
You’ll be my whole world, I’ll be your small town“ 

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