Borderline Shooting | R.I.P. Justin Meek

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Borderline Shooting | R.I.P. Justin Meek

When the victims of the Borderline shooting were announced I saw Justin Meek’s name on the list and my heart instantly broke. I don’t always remember the specifics of how or when I met someone but in this case I do. This past June I was lucky enough to two step in the Midland taping of “Burnout” for the CMA Fest TV special. At one point, I heard someone behind me talking about Stagecoach and instantly got excited about it. I turned around and started talking to Justin and the rest of the group only to discover that he was from LA, goes to Stagecoach, the Ranch, Borderline, Disneyland and so on. He was so incredibly nice and friendly. 


There’s something about dancing and country music that just seems to instantly bond people. It sounds cheesy but so many of my friendships have started this way and I’m sure others can relate. My heart hurts that this wonderful person was taken too soon. 💔

RIP Justin Meek 

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